Wednesday, March 25, 2015

From Peru: Fitzcarraldo (1982)

Brian Fitzgerald Sweene, better known under the name of Fitzcarraldo, dream of building the largest opera house in the world in Iquitos, in the heart of the Amazon To earn money for his project, he bought a rubber concession along the Uycali river deemed inaccessible due to violent rapids.To achieve its concession Fitzcarraldo chooses to descend Pachitea river, separated from the Uycali only by a mountain.

His attempt ultimately failed and Fitzcarraldo transforms the theater ship welcoming singers and musicians for a unique spectacle in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Brazilian: The House of Sand

In the film, the time passes come from heaven. When the caravan led by Vasco de Sá (Ruy Guerra) arrives in the middle of nowhere and stops, his wife Aurea (Torres) not delay to want to go back to town and take his mother along, Maria (Montenegro). There also is slow to the dunes become even more desert and Golden, pregnant, have only the mother and future daughter for company. In the wanderings through the region are Massu (Seu Jorge) and a village that was once a quilombo. The new neighbors will help them in the task of surviving in the middle of the sand. With the exception of merchant Chico (Emiliano Queiroz), the next contact with civilization will happen only nine years later, when Golden is an expedition of British scientists was in northeastern Brazil to photograph the sky and thus help prove the theory of relativity Einstein. This meeting is reborn desire to leave. Looking up, we see after aircraft, bringing news of what happened not only with the lives of Maria, Aurea and Maria, but also in the world, which was in the midst of World War II. The third major event, perhaps the most beautiful, has as a reference point the arrival of man on the moon.
As monochrome as the natural satellite is the scenario, as well as reminds Golden, "which is not sand is heaven." But this absence of other colors does not hurt. In fact, if it were different probably would not work. The same can be said of almost complete absence of music. What is heard more noises are. Even the dialogues are economical, leaving the more visual history. And it works well!

In times when romantic comedies starring global players and "actresses" beer advertising come to the mountains, good to see more elaborate films. Do not get me wrong. Each has its value in the much-talked resumption of Brazilian cinema. One calls the populace to cinemas and amuses. The other takes advantage of this blockbuster to raise funds for the environment and develop denser projects. It helps a lot also have talent and Andruchas Fernandas. The mother, in fact, should be able to carry out such travel at the speed of light commented in the film because exudes a unique playfulness on the big screen.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Arroz amargo 1949..nice and old

The film starts at the beginning of the season rice planted in northern Italy. Francesca (Doris Dowling) and Walter (Vittorio Gassman) are a young couple who have just thieves steal a valuable necklace in a hotel where she worked as a waitress. To escape the police, Walter trust necklace Francesca and both try to go unnoticed in a crowd of laborers (the mondine) to board a train to the rice fields of the Po valley . While waiting to board the train, the couple met Silvana (Silvana Mangano), a young and sensual mondina, Walter flirts with which to hide from the police, despite which is recognized and flees. Francesca and Silvana together make the trip to the rice fields.

Silvana, intrigued by Francesca, help you get a job as "clandestine" mondina (no contract). After initial resistance of contract workers, the "underground" are finally admitted to planting. Francesca is thus introduced in the grueling lifestyle of temporary rice.

Silvana soon discovers the necklace stolen by Francesca and it withdraws him in the bedroom. Then accused of strikebreaking , to out of the way.

Francesca danger of being lynched by their peers, but is saved by a sergeant about to be licensed after his service in the army, Marco Galli ( Raf Vallone ), which pacifies the two sides. Francesca gets grouped with other irregular partners and eventually convinces all laborers to perform a common protest with the aim that all mondine are legally employed.

Silvana Francesca apologizes and returns the necklace, confessing to have acted tired and asequeada of the hard life of a day laborer. Upon returning the booty assists Marco, who is in love with Silvana, while Francesca is far from it.

On arrival at the estate of Walter, who had been hiding waiting for things to calm down, wreak havoc during an evening party. Silvana returns to "borrow" the necklace to Francesca and dances with Walter between laborers and laborers. Also go to the party Marco, who upon seeing Silvana necklace mounted with anger, rips neck collar and fistfight with Walter.

Francesca Walter then reveals that the stolen necklace is just imitation and leaves, while, to woo Silvana, offers the same necklace as a gift, hiding her the truth. Dazzled by the prospect of life that offers Walter, Silvana becomes her lover. But Walter movement is not disinterested: is actually in league with three accomplices to steal the rice harvest and Silvana has seduced to have your help. So when will be crowned "Miss Mondina 1948", Silvana opens the floodgates of channels and flood the rice field. Thus, while all rtrabajadores strive to save the crops, Walter can get away with arrroz and harvested.

But Francesca guessed Walter plans and, thinking that the robbery rice would mean ruin for mondine and that's quite another to steal from the rich, warns Marco, thinking it's the only one who can help her. Marco and Francesca are faced with Walter and Silvana; the two men hurt each other and the outcome is in the hands of women, each armed with a gun. After mouth Francesca know that Walter has cheated and has used it for their own purposes, Silvana pointing the gun at him and shoot. But that will not be enough to redeem his own eyes the betrayal of his comrades, looking for an illusory individual salvation; Instead redemption that has managed to find Francesca class solidarity. Thus, Silvana, in shock, commits suicide and mondine pay homage, covering her body handfuls of rice; while, Francesca and Marco march together in search of a better future.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Folle d'elle 1998 nice movie

Returning from a story abroad, Mark, a young photographer, finds his girlfriend in the arms of her roommate. Abandoned by his editor who tells him stories without interest, he finds refuge with Victor and Alex, a couple of gay friends. For its part, Lisa, Alex's best friend is getting a divorce from a husband who deceives and suffers from loneliness. She would share her home with "someone like Alex." Exasperated by fads Marc Victor and Alex are going to pass it to Lisa Gay accepts it as roommate.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Serena Grandi...Teresa...1987

Romagna, eighties. Teresa, a beautiful, busty and strong-willed, is widowed. To exercise in its own activities trucker aboard a Scania 142, is forced to settle a debt of 80 million pounds, that her husband, before dying, had contracted with Nabucco, a wealthy local businessman. The latter, in love with her, the intimate that if by August of the following year will not be able to pay off the debt, will have to marry him. Teresa, who does not return this feeling, he started working very hard (with mixed success), personally carrying goods from Germany to Sicily, and trying to mislead the court of suitors that meets from time to time (among others: an unlikely German baron and a caricaturist boss of the Sicilian Mafia).

In this series of scrimmage finds time to fall in love with the young Gino, his second driver, Romagnolo true as she and difficult character to drive Iveco Turbostar. This is a comedy in which Dino Risi is expressed in a minor key, with an obvious (but not always successful) tribute to the Emilia-Romagna region and its inhabitants. The soundtrack includes songs by Lucio Dalla and Casadei.

Blood...2004 Drama

After not having seen each other in five years, Chris Terry goes to visit his younger sister Noelle Terry in Montréal. Their lives, both together and apart, have been turbulent ones with something toxic having affected the way they interact with each other. Chris, who has just divorced his wife Denise, is a recovering alcoholic. Although he has never served time, he has committed crimes in his past. Noelle, a drug addict, turns tricks to make ends meet. She has just completed a stint in prison. Upon Chris' arrival, Noelle proposes to Chris that they enter into a three-way with a john who will pay $500 for the trick. Noelle had been trying to find another man to do the job, but was unable to find one on such short notice.

Noelle implies that she needs the money to pay off a third party, and she figures Chris owes her. Despite not identifying himself as being gay or even bisexual despite having previously had a relationship with a man, Chris agrees. As Chris and Noelle's encounter progresses, what they displayed on the surface in entering into this agreement may not be their true motivation - or the motivation for Chris making this visit after all this time - as they talk about money, drugs, power and control, and Noelle's ex-boyfriend Martin.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

1982 Paradise..not bad


In the Georgian era, in 1823, David (Aames) and sarah (Cates), 2 teenagers, travel with a caravan from Bagdad to damascus. At associate oasis, the fancy woman agent 'Jackal' raids them, principally to feature the gorgeous young sarah to his hareem. David and sarah and her servant, Geoffrey, narrowly escape, however all the others are slain within the massacre together with David's american missionary parents. However, Geoffrey does not survive long, as he sees an encampment that, unbeknownst to him, is travel by the jackal. Geoffrey goes to the encampment seeking facilitate however is killed by the jackal because the remaining duo takes a rest in a very near  district on their westerly direction toward civilization.

Sarah and David's flight leads them to a fine looking oasis—their peaceful place in paradise—where they discover natural love and their physiological property. However, the jackal has not given au courant sarah yet, and David should lure him to his death, or be killed by him.
In the film's ending, David confronts the jackal and is in a position to kill him. sarah reveals to David that she is pregnant and therefore the 2 young lovers have finally reached civilization, town of damascus.
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