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Friday, February 22, 2013

Mors Hus aka His Mother's House...from Norway

nice one from Norway,erotic drama film from 1974 based on the book her mother's house by Knut Faldbakken 1969. It is directed by Per Blom is a controversial Norwegian film with his depictions of incest. The film was shot in Oslo and Gjøvik and had 18-years of age when they went to the movies. It was a success in its time and the film has since appeared several times on NRK2 . The film is not yet released on DVD .The film begins with the protagonist Petter ( Svein Sturla Hungnes ) located at the University during a trial. He can not concentrate and all he gets scribbled down a naked lady. He submits the sample interrupt their studies and go to his fiance. He breaks with her and she is crying. Now Petter go home to mother, who lives alone after his father's death in a large house. He takes the train home to Gurgaon and on the train he meets Eva ( Frøydis Armand ). She just got a job as a teacher at Zoe's old school in Gurgaon. Petter is attracted to Eva and exchanges a few words during the train ride. The mother ( Bente Børsum ) goes home alone in the big house, smoking and reading magazine stories. She will be very surprised, but pleased, that his son has come home. She shows no signs of concern that Petter has interrupted his studies and broken with his fiancee.

 Now that her son is home she makes food for him, the two become more and more connected to each other again. Just as it was when Peter grew up at home. One evening she convinces Peter to sleep in his room in the double bed and Petter goes along with it. It is Christmas and they celebrate Christmas together. Petter and his mother an LP disc and dance together while the music. Petter also beginning to take Eva and the two begin a relationship. When the mother learns about Eva acute situation in the house and we understand eventually that his mother will have Petter for itself - in all ways. The mother agrees to invite Eva on coffee and Petter is torn between two women that night. Mom go away for a while and Petter hit Eva's house.

The two plays hide and sleep together in the mother's bed. One day when her mother had come home brands Petter that something is wrong. Mom found a used condom and show it to Peter. She is disappointed that Peter goes to Eva. After a while, telling Eve that she is with child. This is not suitable for Petter and he runs away. Peter runs the long way home to mom's house and her mother who lies awake in bed. The two meet on the edge of the bed and embracing each other. Petter crying and the mother hugs and holds him. Eventually it slides into kissing and it ends with the two undress each other. And located along the mother's bedroom. As the film ends, we see mother's house.

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